New! RTW End Caps RTW Ready To Weld End Caps

We are pleased to introduce a couple new product options.

  1. Welded end caps installed prior to shipment, or
  2. Ready to weld (RTW) end caps.

Solid welded ends are available from the factory, you can simply order “welded end caps” when placing the order for your culvert.

The RTW end caps are avialable in 96″ and 120″ diameter.

The RTW end caps are comprised of 1/4″ solid plate steel, the plate steel is custom cut to fit the pipe end of your desired size.

Remember 2- sets (4 pcs.) of RTW end caps are required to enclose both ends.

The RTW end caps ship in 2- half pieces, that are welder together to make one end cap.

The amount of welding required to put the two halves together is included in the estimated welding footage below.

If you want to enclose your culvert, you can now order the RTW end caps for your pipe, and we will ship them ready to install.

You will need to hire a local welder to do the welding.

The 96″ diameter will require approximately 34 linear feet of welding.

The 120″ diameter will require approximately 42 linear feet of welding.

This is a great option if you want to use a culvert for a storm shelter, storage unit, hidy hole, bunker, etc.

The local welder can also make the cut out for a door, lid, access etc.

The benefits of hiring a local welder are they are usually portable and can come to your site to perform custom welding services.

Thank you for your interest in RTW end caps, your requests inspire us to come up with new options and solutions.

 At we are your “solution oriented thinkers” and we take pleasure in serving you!

Thank you again, please call if there is anything we can do for you or for further information. 

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